Monday, June 11, 2012

Unlikely Crushes

So Twitter this morning saw Cat linking this: Unlikely crushes. My celeb crushes are all over the place, so I decided I needed to make my own list. 

Peter Dinklage

Peter still gets first place. How can he not? The man is charming, funny, intelligent, acts one of TV and fantasy's all-time best characters flawlessly and, on top of all that, strikes you as someone who's been through a lot of pain in his life for obvious reasons, which makes him pretty intense. I encourage you to go read some of his interviews. The man has depth.

Alan Rickman

You already know and, if you're anything like me, love him as Professor Snape from Harry Potter, but to really fall in love, watch Sense and Sensibility. As Colonel Brandon he's just... Melt

Neil Gaiman

He's a pale, broody insomniac, with the dark rings under his eyes to go with it. He writes intense, gory, twisted, messed up literature, and apparently he's an intense, twisted and messed up man (though not so much gory) with a fantastic sense of humour. How do you not fall for that?

Rob Wilkins

PA to Terry fucking Pratchett, this man's job already makes him hot. He's also enthusiastic, friendly, sweet, charismatic and generally squee-worthy in his own right. All the girls at the last SADWCON event fell in love with him during the Skype video chat we had. (Viewed in that second pic. Oh, and that's me saying hai.) 

Rowan Atkinson

That's right. Mr Bean. He plays a highly intelligent but complete and utter bastard in the 3rd season of Blackadder (opposite Hugh Laurie - House - who plays a complete and utter git) and there's a certain dashing charm to the character I've never quite gotten over. Also, he likes to drive fast cars.

John Cleese

He's getting on in years, and besides that he's completely mad. But I've had the pleasure of seeing him live and his wit is as sharp as it ever has been. This is the only entry who gets a whole video. Watch him talk about creativity and tell me you don't just have a huge crush over his perfect oxford accent alone.

Right. So. On reflection, I think I might have a thing for British men.

Much love


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